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Appellation DOCG Brunello Di Montalcino
Wine region Brunello Di Montalcino, Toscana
Production Area Montalcino, Siena (Italy)
Vineyard name Beatesca
Elevation 1350 ft (400  mt)
Exposure North – East
Year vineyard planted 2001
Soil composition Clay texture loam, gravelly soil
First vintage of this wine 2011
Training method Spurred cordon
Vineyard size 2,5 acre ( 1,0 ha)
Vines/acre 1350 vines / acre (3.300 vines/ha)
Yield/acre 1.6 tons/acre ( 40 ql/ha)
Harvest Time First week in October
Bottles produced of this wine 2.000
Vineyard practices Conventional

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Varietal composition Sangiovese Grosso 100 %
Type of yeasts Indigenous yeast
Fermentation container Open conical oak vats
Length of maceration 18 days
Length of alcoholic fermentation 20 days
Fermentation temperature 77 – 82 Fahrenheit (25 – 28 Celsius)
Malolactic fermentation 100% spontaneous
Type of aging container France oak tonneau
Length of aging before bottling 24 months
Type of aging container bottle
Length of aging before bottling 24 months

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ALCOHOL 14,00 %
ACIDITY 4,87 g / lt
DRY EXTRACT 30 gr / lt
SO2 (Total) 64 mg / lt